COVID Protocols & Policies

In light of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic, there are several things that you may notice we are doing differently to provide the safest dental care possible.  Please browse below to learn about our COVID 19 Policies.


The day prior to your visit, you will receive a phone call from one of our office staff members to screen you and your family members for your potential COVID 19 exposure risks.  Our staff will be happy to help you select a different appointment date and time if either we or you feel as though your visit will pose a high COVID transmission risk.



When you arrive for your dental appointment, we ask that you park in one of the numbered spots outside of our building.  You then can call the office and a staff member will come out to your car to escort you inside.  We will take your temperature upon arrival.  Any patient with a temperature exceeding 100 degrees will be asked to reschedule their appointment.  We will strategically stagger your entrance into the building to abide by social distancing guidelines.  We ask that only the patient with the dental appointment enter our building.  If you are accompanying a small child or an adult that needs assistance, please let the staff member know during your pre-screening phone call so that we can better prepare for your visit.  Lastly, we are asking that you wear a mask inside our building at all times, until instructed to take it off prior to your dental care.



We have purchased four extra-oral suction machines that are designed specifically to reduce any aerosols produced by our dental equipment.  The ADS suction units will be utilized by both our hygienists and doctors anytime we are providing dental care that generates aerosols.  Please view the informational video below.



We have installed two medical grade air purification systems outside of the dental operatories.  The ADP-70 is made by Osopure and utilizes Photocatalytic Oxidation to destroy particles as small as .001 microns.  These air filtration systems will keep both our staff and patients healthy.




In order to keep the staff as safe as possible, we are following all recommended PPE Guidelines.  Please know that we would love for you to see our smiling faces day in and day out, but we are required to wear a N95 or equivalent face mask anytime we are on the treatment floor.  We also will be wearing disposable gowns over top of our scrubs whenever aerosols are produced, and thus keeping the temperature slightly cooler than normal in the office.  Please plan accordingly and bring a light jacket or hoodie if you are prone to getting chilled in the air conditioning.



We have profoundly increased our already vigorous infection prevention and control policies.  The office is receiving a deep cleaning every evening.  We are partaking in a slightly more time-consuming routine in between each patient appointment as well.  We are making our best effort to stay on track with starting your appointment on time, but please know that if you are waiting slightly longer than normal…it is probably because we are cleaning and sanitizing!