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Fillings or Dental Restorations

If Dr. Klassen discovers that one of teeth has a cavity or failing old filling, a dental restoration may be recommended.  A filling is indicated when there is enough solid tooth structure left to support the restoration.  There are two different types of fillings.

Composite Filling

This type of filling material is white and is made of a resin material.  It is cosmetically pleasing, and the shade is chosen to match the color of your tooth.  The composite is chemically bonded to your tooth and requires minimal tooth preparation.

Amalgam Filling

This is a traditional filling material that is silver in color.  Although an amalgam filling is rarely recommended, it is indicated when tooth decay extends below your gumline, making it impossible to achieve a successful chemical bond to the tooth that is required for a composite filling.  Although an amalgam is not as cosmetically pleasing as a composite filling, it is a very durable and long lasting filling material.

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