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The Toothbrush Trio Relay

April 23, 2022 Carter Park, Bowling Green Ohio

  •  In this unique 3-mile race, each member of your three-person team will run/walk/wheel one mile and pass a toothbrush as a baton at the mile exchange point. This is designed so that everyone, of any physical ability, can participate. The money that we collect will be donated to Wood County Plays Inc and be used to build an inclusive playground in Bowling Green! 

  • Prizes will be awarded based on your teams' genders and combined ages.

  • Online registration can be found by going to and searching Toothbrush Trio Relay or by using this link

  • If you have any additional questions or for sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dominic at 419-352-2371 or

  • Prior to the start of the race Wood County Plays will be holding a Duck Drop. If you would like more information, please email , or head to the WCP Facebook Page, or go to their event page here.

  • If your business would like to be an event sponsor, please contact us we have special bundles for official sponsors of the event.

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AKA partners with neighbor Premier Vision 

on One Percent Salute.

Second Year of annual Veteran's Day Event

Alexis Klassen & Associates DDS hosted it's second Veteran's Day event to honor current and former military service men and women. New to the event this year is a partnership with Premier Vision who offered the veterans a free eye exam and a free pair of glasses! The event was once again a success on all sides. Below are links to a few videos covering the One Percent Salute.

BG Independent News Video

BCAN Arts Feature Video

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