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Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a dental prosthesis that is worn during the day and removed at night and is used when you are missing some of your teeth.  Its purpose is to provide you with the proper amount of teeth the chew with, while also improving your smile esthetically.    There are three different types of partial dentures.


A flipper is a temporary partial denture that you may wear for a short period of time directly following an extraction.  The flipper allows you to talk and smile without the appearance of a missing tooth, but it is not meant to chew with.  A flipper is normally worn while you are healing and will eventually be replaced by an implant or bridge.

Cast Metal Partial

A cast metal partial denture is a very sturdy, long lasting partial denture.  It has a metal framework with clasps that attach onto your existing teeth, filling any spaces in between with false teeth and gum tissue.

Flexible Cosmetic Partial

A flexible partial is typically made out of nylon and vinyl.  It is a very lightweight, metal-less partial.  It is designed to flex slightly when you chew, so not to place any pressure onto the teeth that it is attached to.  It is very cosmetically pleasing and is designed to match your teeth color and gum shades perfectly.

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